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SERVICES (Some services have been temporarily suspended)

We design and execute individual and small group exercise fitness programs, tailored to the needs and attainable goals of the client in a safe and effective way.​ We motivate clients in an encouraging and uplifting way towards improving their overall fitness and health, improving sport-specific techniques, and honing mental processes in competitive environments.  We are dedicated to our clients self-improvement, self-awareness, continuous learning, personal growth and development with regard to personal health, fitness and mental capacity in competitive environments as well as their daily lives.



The reasons for training with Apak Athletics vary from client to client. One of the primary reasons that someone should hire a Personal Trainer is that they are trained in teaching others how to exercise. We ensure clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently, in order to maximize results. We also understand everybody is different; and that means everyone’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to working out. We want to play a part in our clients setting achievable goals, and then supporting them to achieve them. This is ideal for those who are training for a specific event, an upcoming athletic season, or just to improve daily life.


Our small group training, known as "Sunday Funday workouts", is where we are working with groups of 3 - 5 participants (up to 8 in a group) in concert on a variety of exercise routines. We create a competitive environment that creates a team vibe for support through the toughest parts of our work. There are always going to be those days when the last thing you feel like doing is a hard workout; so having a group training session may accommodate your mood while still making the session helpful. As some would say (good) "misery loves company" when it comes to working hard!

            TEAM TRAINING 


Not everyone enjoys the atmosphere of a crowded gym, or having to wait for the machine you want to use. The benefit of having an Apak Athletic group training session is that you aren’t limited to working out where equipment is available. Our trainers will have some equipment that they can bring with them, but you can also choose the location in which you exercise. Whether this is a local park, ball field, sport court, or available open area, we can fulfill your basic training needs both inside and outside of the gym.



We use a wide variety of techniques to enhance our clients abilities to perform within their given sport. While we are open for training individuals in multiple sports we are best known for our individual training of baseball pitchers. Our "Dungeon" training program is specifically designed to work with pitchers in 5 or 10 session settings. This work is a progressive training that works the individual in 1-hour weekly sessions that are supplemented by a home workout routine. Packages also developed for football, basketball, softball, track & field athletes, and other baseball related techniques



Are you getting bored with your fitness routine? Have you progressed beyond the exercises you know and have plateaued in your fitness? If so, Apak Athletics is who you need to continuously challenge your abilities and take you to the next level. Our trainers will be able to tailor your training plan to suit you and what you enjoy, as well as encourage you to do the exercises that are best to achieve your goals. we have found that those who have a plan in mind, and hit their workouts with a purpose, generally follow through with their commitment to excel. We design workouts for the gym as well as for your home or office. Having a plan to follow is critical to ensuring that you commit and stick to your fitness goals.

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