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Our testimonial section is dedicated to real clients, or their parents/guardians, speaking to their experiences within our programs. We pride ourselves on making lasting impacts through consistent support and guidance.

" Working with Jonathan Harms not only increased my strength, speed, and agility for the playing field, but also increased my mental strength. He taught me how to overcome challenges mentally and physically and help me become the best player I can be. He knows how to push you, but also how to keep you healthy. Coach Harms cares for his players and activates their best mindset to help them succeed on their own and in a team setting. Jonathan cares about each person he trains and always wants what’s best for them, physically and mentally. He goes above and beyond to ensure that each player is getting what they came to him for. His knowledge is very extensive as he always knows what he’s teaching his clients. He’ll never steer you down the wrong path. Jonathan also knows to have fun with his clients, but he never lets that get in the way of him getting the best out of each player. I can confidently say that working with Jonathan was a great investment into my body and understanding of my physical abilities." 

Micah S. (August, 2022)

"I would not be where I am today as a pitcher or an athlete without working with coach Harms and Apak Athletics over the last two years. He made sure to focus on finding my weaknesses, and adapting them to become strengths. He taught me how to grind through the struggles by working as hard on my technique, approach and mindset as on my ability to perform. He taught me the intricacies of being a leader and how to communicate effectively with those around me. Whether that was talking to my catcher pre and post game about my approach or how to advocate for myself with my coaches. Lastly, he knew how to push me to reach my potential on the mound so that I could become the best possible version of myself. He gave me the mindset to dominate from pitch to pitch and ultimately that is what its all about. " 

Dylan I. (August, 2021)

"In the winter of 2014 I experienced my first off-season pitching sessions with Jonathan... it was a grind! Every, single day I have known him he has pushed me in ways that nobody else could. He gets you to reach the 'next level' even if you don't think anythings there.  He turned me from a mediocre athlete to an 'Ace' on the mound all within the couple of hours a week I would see him. The guy is a genius when it comes to training your body and freeing your mind to let your body do what its capable of doing. Besides the massive gains in my game that he was able to unlock, he is the greatest person I've met in my life. He is more than just a coach to me. Yes, he cares about his clients but its way more than that. He genuinely loves what he does! He loves helping kids reach their potential in ways they didn't think they could. While I am excited to be playing college baseball at Saint Johns this coming year; it's bittersweet as it also marks the end of an era of working with Jonathan. He has affected my life in ways I couldn't have imagined and know that he will always be there if I need him. He's the real deal and an unbelievable guy to be around. Apak Athletics has literally been a life changer for me."

Hunter S. (September, 2019)

"Working with Apak Athletics has been amazing! They treat you like family, they push you to be the best athlete that you can be, whether that's on the court, on the field, or on the rink. Without working with Jonathan I would not be where I am today. I started out my Freshman year very scrawny and could barely bench press 45 lbs. Since working with Apak I have been able to Quadruple my bench and I have achieved a 700+ lbs. leg press. All this and my workouts were designed to prevent injury which is absolutely amazing!" 

Craig J. (July, 2019)

"Since beginning my sessions with Jonathan I was told that the people he worked with were selected because he believed they could put in the work and constantly pushed to get better. I didn't know how much more I could actually get out of myself until he pushed me to dig deeper and try new things. Throughout my experience I have not only gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the game of baseball as a whole, but I have also become much more confident in my style of play and my ability between the lines. He is also a big part of why I chose to continue playing baseball at Mayville State university in North Dakota. If it wasn't for some of the things he's taught me and the workouts he's put me through I wouldn't be the athlete or person I am today. Not only is he a great coach but on top of that he's an even better guy all around. From coaching players, to supporting those whom he works with each year, he is always there if you need to tune up your form/mechanics or if you just need someone to talk to. All in all my experience with Jonathan has been amazing and I can't thank him enough for his time and the amount of knowledge and life lessons has has given me." 

Luke W. (July, 2019)

"As a high school athlete, Jonathan has helped me take my body and game to the next level by pushing my body to its limits and making me work harder than I have ever had to before. I have trained with other people before and the work I do with Jonathan has by far been the most productive in maximizing my physical abilities. Having said that, Jonathan likes to have fun while working with his guys but takes it very seriously. He Hand-picks workouts specifically for each client depending on what sports you play. He stresses the importance of technique to maximize the workout and minimize the risk of injury. Jonathan works you to the max while he's with you, but also gives you workouts to do at home so you can continue to grow while your aren't with him. Even though a majority of the time spent with Jonathan is focused on improving your body, he also helps you prepare mentally for competition. Finally, Jonathan will do his best to push you to your limits if you are willing to work for the results that you are looking for." 

Adam B. (July, 2019)

"Jonathan has a very balanced program that is both tough and encouraging. I've found myself saying 'You're killing me!' to 'I'm doing GREAT!'. As a trainer he works you both mentally and physically; pushing you to limits you did not know you had. Because of his program I am not only stronger but I'm also more flexible. Jonathan is an excellent trainer who I highly recommend."

Judy P. (August, 2018)

"I participated in Jonathan's Sunday Funday workouts this past fall and winter. Jonathan's sessions helped build up my strength and endurance. We worked out in small groups and he filled each session with a variety of exercises that worked our entire body. During these group workouts we encouraged one another on through the grind of each session. We saw our individual improvements and success because of Jonathan's ability to build us up. His personalized instruction made an impact on my life. I would highly recommend participating in the Sunday Funday group sessions with 'coach' Harms!"

James L. (August, 2018)

"My son Brenden went thru Jonathan's pitching program last winter. He gained 25 pounds of muscle as a result of the designed workouts and Sunday Funday participation. The strength training really paid off for him this season and he really learned a lot from the 'Dungeon' training sessions. He had more strikeouts in his first two games this season than he had coming into the season than in his entire career. At the end of season he told me 'There is no way I could have done what I did this season without Jonathan's training program.'

Brenden is looking forward to doing it all over again this winter. I'm confident that the results will be even greater after year two."

Derrick S. (July, 2017)

"Tommy enjoyed your workouts this winter! You are a once in a lifetime coach. You are tough but fair - serious, but fun. He knew what to expect and he knew what you expected of him. We are so very grateful that he had you to build a firm foundation for his playing. We are grateful that your diligence, knowledge, patience, skill, humor, and understanding have shaped Tommy into the player he is today. And we are forever grateful. Thank you so much for the time you invested in Tommy. We appreciate it so much!"

Jill S. (May, 2017)

"I have been very impressed by Jonathan's passion to help clients, his knowledge, and his ability to connect with each person he works with. He makes an concerted effort to push each client to their own limits without making anyone feel bad about not being as strong or as fit as another person in the group. It’s that caring behavior that drives me to want to come to work out every week. Anyone that has the privilege of working with him should do so."

Gavin T. (December, 2016)

"I am grateful to have had the chance to work with Jonathan. I have been a pitching client and Sunday Funday participant the last two years. Jonathan has helped me grow both mentally and physically both on and off the field. He has given me confidence in what I am capable of doing with my skills and taught me how to handle adversity. I wouldn't be the person I am today without his guidance."

Jack N. (November, 2016)

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